Modbus library


This page is holds my ModbusTCP library for the Arduino. The library gives the program the possibility to be a master, a slave or both on a TCP network.
The Modbus functions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 15 and 16 are implemented. The port 502 is used as standard.
Please report bugs to me to improve the library.

The library uses a single data space for all the Modbus data. This means that all the Modbus data spaces are overlapping and all starting with 0 (zero). This means that several Modbus functions can reach the same data. The user must assign the correct Modbus address to the data.

This library is started as a spinoff of the Mudbus.h slave library from Dee Wykoff from 2011.


MgsModbus-v0.1.1.zip bugfix


example.zip One arduino as master and another as slave

Extra information

Modbus TCP specifications (.doc)

Modbus TCP specifications (.pdf)

Download old version


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